3MGB’s 30th anniversary celebration

3MGB’s 30th Anniversary celebration – The Jim Jams on stage

Thank you to everyone who joined the 3MGB Committee to celebrate 30 years of Wilderness Coast Radio at the Muddie on September 17th, and to all those who tuned in to the livestream broadcast as well. What a great night!

Huge thanks to all our FABULOUS live performers and to the presenters who joined in the broadcast and told us lots of great stories about 3MGB’s early days. Also thanks to the East Gippsland Shire Council their for support and to all those who worked so hard with the planning, promoting, setting up, catering and working throughout the evening – well done team, you rock!

Welcome to Wilderness Radio 3MGB

3MGB is the community radio station for Mallacoota, Genoa and surrounding areas in remote Far East Gippsland. We provide a diverse range of local content as well as news and other programs through the Australian Community Radio Network (CRN). 3MGB is run by volunteers, which means we’re one of only a few radio stations that completely rely on community support.

While we integrate our own programming with the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s satellite service, local content is our top priority. Our team of presenters bring us local chat and a heap of great tunes, including classical, rock, jazz, golden oldies, funk, blues, folk, indie and – of course – both country and western.

We’re always on the lookout for new presenters, and you don’t need qualifications or experience. Training is provided by 3MGB, and you’ll find we’re a very friendly bunch – always happy to welcome newbies into the team.

Membership of 3MGB costs only $10 a year – go to our Membership page for more details or to join online.